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Children and Divorce


If your angry behavior is causing difficulties in your life, then our Anger Management Workshop is for you.


1. What are some of the topics which will be discussed?

You will learn skills to generate alternative healthier ways of thinking and behaving. Sessions will assist in looking at anger related terms and present problem-solving models.

2. What types of assignments are given?

Anger management introduces new behavior and cognitive skills which are to be practiced during the week. The assignments are usually short, simple questions relating to the topic introduced that week. There are no grades given but members are encouraged to bring their assignments to the next session for discussion.

3. How many members are in each group?

The group’s minimum is 5 people and maximum 12.

4. How often does the group meet?

We meet to every Thursday at 6pm.

5. How long are the sessions?

Sessions are approximately one hour each.

6. How many sessions are in a workshop?

The workshops consist of 7-12 individual sessions. Variable schedules can be accomodated depending upon whether you need more or less hours as required by the referring party.

8. What is the fee?

The fee for each session is $40. We accept personal checks or cash, payable at the beginning of each session.

9. Do you accept health insurance?

No, however, we are able to provide you with a receipt which you can submit to your insurance carrier for determination of reimbursement benefits.

10. What if I want individual sessions instead of a group?

Individual sessions can be arranged and discussed with the facilitator depending upon availability. The fee for each session is $85.

11. What are the qualifications of the facilitator?

Our facilitators hold Masters Degrees in marriage and family therapy, are licensed by the NY State Education Department and/or completed certification training to provide anger management classes and anger management educational programs.

12. Will I be able to receive a certificate of completion when the sessions have been completed?

Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion signed by the facilitator. Letters of completion are also available and can be arranged in advance. Please note, for those court mandated, letters are sent directly to the court, attorney, probation and cannot be assigned to members.

13. What if I am court mandated and I need the therapist to discuss my case with my probation officer or court appointed official?

The therapist will be able to comply provided you sign a Release Form which the therapist will provide. This form includes the names and telephone numbers and permission for therapist to discuss your case.

14. Where are sessions held?

Sessions are held in a private office (Suite 213) located in a medical building (520 Franklin Avenue in Garden City). The building is handicapped accessible.

15. What if I want to continue therapy after the completion of the workshop?

Individual, couple and family therapy are available. Appointments can be made during the course of the workshop or following completion; feel free to discuss this with the facilitator.

16. What if I have additional questions or want to register?

Please feel free to contact D. Lani McElgun, M.A., LMFT by phone (516) 428-1167 or via email mcelgunmft@yahoo.com